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Project Department

We are a multi-line project workshop with a tradition of over 20 years. We specialize in extensive architectural and urban projects.

We offer the following projects:


  • Projects of cubic buildings of any types,
  • Interior designs,
  • Projects of visual information elements and computer graphics;


  • Study of conditions and directions of spatial planning,
  • Local spatial planning /in a large scale/,
  • Specialized planning studies,
  • Urban and architectural conceptions,
  • Public space development plans,
  • Lighting of buildings and public spaces.

We adjust the range of our works according to the requirements of investors, offering:

  • Extensive legal, formal and administrative service
  • Specialized projects in the area of construction, technical and council infrastructure
  • A draw-up of preliminary measurements and estimates
  • Authors' supervisory
  • Investment co-ordination.

All our works are done with the computer assistance of CAD, GIS. We have a team of 45 people /designers and verifying designers/ with a long-lasting experience. We also have a large team of regular partners, having all necessary entitlements from the area of architectural, urban and business designing.

Cooperating with lots of specialized companies, we can guarantee optimal project, urban and business solutions. Our designers are members of architectural, urban and construction associations. Every year we take part in several tenders and competitions, receiving awards and distinctions.

Contact to Project Department:

Vice-President of the Board, General Designer:
Stanisław W. Lessaer, doctor of engineering

Tel. (+48) 32 400 41 03
Fax (+48) 32 400 41 10